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Completion Planning

When the time has come that you are ready to stop our program, we will work with you to implement a long-term life plan for weight maintenance. Notably, as we bring our new Natural Program online in the next six months, patients will also have the option of using that program to assist with post-treatment maintenance for a much lower cost.

Diet Adjustment

As your needs change, we will help you fine-tune your diet plan to ensure continued progress.

Diet Planning

Our team is knowledgeable about all major diets and will guide you in choosing the one that best suits your needs. We prioritize: livability, simplicity, accessibility, cost and taste among the most important factors for diet success.

Emotional Support

Weight loss can be an emotional journey, and we are here to provide a listening ear and guidance whenever you need it.

Exercise Planning

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all exercise regimen. Our goal is to help you create a plan that works for you and your lifestyle.

Follow-Up Visits

Follow-up visits for ongoing weight loss care are a key feature of our medical weight loss program. These are schedulled in increments of four weeks (4,8 & 12weeks) and are the heart of our medical weight loss program. These visits are a chance for patients to request treatment changes and for Dr. Holland to assess progress and health.

Laboratory Blood Testing

During your first visit, we will provide a written order for blood tests at Quest Diagnostics. The testing can be completed at any of their locations and typically takes about 10 minutes, with results available within 24 hours.

Medication Adjustment

We understand that your response to weight loss medication may change over time, so we are prepared to modify your medication type, dose, and schedule as needed.

Medication Dispensing (Classic Program Only)

Medications prescribed through our Classic Medical Weight Loss Program are dispensed to you in-office from our own internal pharmacy You do not have to go to an outside pharmacy. The cost of your medication is included in your visit price.

Medication Planning

Dr. Holland will work closely with you to develop a personalized medication plan, considering your health and individual requirements. We offer various medication regimens for you to choose from.

Ongoing Monitoring

We offer regular health monitoring through in-person or telemedical care, which will be explained during your initial consultation.

Program Changes

If necessary, Dr. Holland is ready to help you make major adjustments to your weight loss program to ensure your ongoing success.

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