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Policy on Parents, Guardians, Minors and Adults of Diminished Capacity at Holland Clinic

Dr. Mark J. Holland MD, physician/provider of Holland Clinic, is not a pediatrician and primarily focuses on treating adult patients. However, in certain cases, Dr. Holland may treat minors when appropriate care from other providers is not available, or when multiple family members are under his care, and the family wishes to follow a unified weight loss program. Research suggests that partnership and support from family members can improve weight loss outcomes (Golan, Weizman, Apter, & Fainaru, 1998). This policy outlines the procedures and requirements for treating minors and legally incompetent adults at Holland Clinic.

  1. Consent and Authorization: Dr. Holland will not collect data from or offer care to minors or legally incompetent adults without first discussing the matter with the patients' parents or guardians and securing a clear mandate from them to undertake care. Parents and guardians must sign a release for treatment before any care is provided to the minor or legally incompetent adult.

  2. Accompaniment: Dr. Holland generally prefers that parents or guardians accompany the patient to all visits, and it is mandatory for them to be present at the first visit. This ensures that they are fully informed about the treatment plan and progress and can provide necessary support to the patient.

  3. Termination of Care: Parents and guardians always have the right to terminate care without notice. However, Dr. Holland will never initiate or continue care, without regard for parental instructions, if he believes such care may harm the patient.

  4. Private Consultations: If the patient is likely to benefit and only with parental permission, Dr. Holland may sometimes see the patient privately without the parent's presence in the room. This allows the patient to openly discuss any concerns or issues they may have with Dr. Holland, fostering a trusting and supportive relationship.

By implementing this policy, Holland Clinic aims to provide the best possible care to its minor and legally incompetent adult patients while ensuring the involvement and consent of their parents or guardians.

Reference: Golan, M., Weizman, A., Apter, A., & Fainaru, M. (1998). Parents as the exclusive agents of change in the treatment of childhood obesity. The American journal of clinical nutrition, 67(6), 1130-1135.

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