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All Holland Clinic Services

We offer more services than many people realize. And we are rolling-out more services all the time.

Logo for Holland Clinic's Classic Medical Weight Loss Program

Classic Medical
Weight Loss

Our traditional weight loss program offers world-class medical weight loss therapy at truly affordable prices. Our traditional program has helped over 20,000 people lose weight in New Mexico since 1991. 


We support and teach every rational diet and exercise style and we use proven and highly affordable FDA-approved prescription weight loss medications to help you achieve life-changing results.

Logo for Holland Clinic's GLP-1 Agonist Program

Weight Loss

Starting in the spring of 2023 we are pleased to offer a new type of medical weight loss program based on GLP-1 analogue drugs like Wegovy and Saxenda.

These are a new class of weight loss medication that have shown great promise in treating weight and have lately received favorable attention in the press and on social media. Click below to learn more and see if this type of medication is right for you.

Weight Loss

Beginning in Fall 2023, we are excited to introduce our innovative Natural Weight Loss Program. Built upon evidence-based principles of diet and exercise, this program incorporates the potent benefits of meticulously chosen natural plant and mineral extracts. Our drug-free and highly effective approach offers a holistic weight loss experience, promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Logo for Holland Clinic's Natural Program
Logo for Holland Clinic's Lifespan Program

Holland Clinic LifeSpan

Holland Clinic, a leader in medical weight loss since 1991, is thrilled to announce our groundbreaking Anti-Aging Program launching in 2024. Our personalized program utilizes cutting-edge clinical research to slow down aging, promote longevity, vitality, and improve overall quality of life. Sign up for exclusive early access and join us in redefining aging for a revitalized, age-defying future with Holland Clinic's Anti-Aging Program.



Holland Clinic is proud to offer state of the art technology to measure body composition. Using a brand new General Electric Lunar iDXA Pro medical imaging scanner, we can look inside your body to tell us exactly how much, muscle, bone and water you hold and exactly where on your body it is located. This is the body composition test used by professional sports teams and Olympic athletes. It is simply the best body composition test in the world.

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