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Coping With Shortages of Mounjaro and Wegovy

Strategies for Obtaining these Drugs from Retail Pharmacies


As many of our GLP-1 patients know, the U.S. faces a significant shortfall in the supply of GLP-1 agonist medications, including Wegovy and Mounjaro. This webpage aims to guide you through this challenging period.

Your Options in the GLP-1 Drug Shortage

  1. Exploring Different Pharmacies:

    • Retail Pharmacy Brands: Remember, different pharmacies face distinct challenges. While Walgreens may be low on stock, CVS or Walmart might have a surplus. Don't hesitate to shop around.

    • Chain vs. Local Pharmacies: While national chains dominate, Albuquerque boasts several outstanding independent pharmacies. Don't overlook these local gems when searching for GLP-1 drugs.

    • Mail Order Pharmacies: Their stock levels might differ from those of retail pharmacies. It’s worth investigating.

  2. Drug-Specific Availability: Emergency Switching

    Note on Mounjaro's Use for Diabetes: Mounjaro is officially sanctioned only for Type-2 diabetes treatment. Its weight loss variant is on the brink of FDA approval. However, some pharmacies prioritize diabetic patients due to the immediate health risks posed by diabetes.


Less popular and generally seen as less effective, Saxenda may be a potential short-term substitute. Contact us at Holland Clinic if you want to consider this option.

Wegovy (semaglutide):

While it's the preferred GLP-1 weight loss drug for many, its availability is dwindling. Still, it might be a temporary alternative for Mounjaro users.


Widely used for weight loss, even though it's not FDA-approved for that purpose. Its availability might fluctuate, so keep an eye out.

Dosage Variations:

Sometimes, only specific dosages are scarce. If needed, we might adjust your dosage, but do note that rapid dosage escalation can result in side effects like nausea.


Alternative Treatments:

If GLP-1 drugs remain elusive, we offer the option to transition temporarily to our conventional weight loss medication regimen.

On Compounded GLP-1 Drugs: We prioritize your safety. While 'compounded' versions exist, we advise STRONGLY against them due to potential serious risks.


It's crucial to remember that this shortage, though frustrating, will pass. Obesity is a long-term condition requiring sustained treatment. Temporary interruptions, however inconvenient, won't significantly impact your long-term journey. Rest assured, I'm committed to supporting all my GLP-1 patients during this period.

Stay informed and resilient,

Dr. Mark J. Holland

Pharmacy Question Checklist

Here are some questions to ask of your pharmacy if they are unable to obtain your current GLP-1 drug and dose:

  1. When will the drug be back in stock?

  2. Do other pharmacy locations (within the same retail brand) have the drug? If so, can the current pharmacy transfer your prescription to that store?

  3. Do the pharmacy staff have any suggestions for where to obtain your medication?

  4. Are any other dosages of your GLP-1 currently available or in-stock and if so, what are the doses (write this down and contact my office. In some cases, dose change may be the best option for you but I will need to meet with you in-office

  5. Are other GLP-1 drugs currently in stock or at least available? If so, what are the drugs and doses?

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