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SAVE 50%

Covers 1st visit, lab testing and 4 week supply of CLASSIC weight loss medication

$79-$110 (per 4 weeks) after that (Classic Program Only)

For people starting our GLP-1 program, the price includes 1st visit and lab testing but NOT the cost of medication

GLP-1 costs per 4 weeks will be $99 (our monthly program fee) and the cost of the medication


Start our traditional and GLP-1 medical weight loss programs for only...


Classic Program Offer

We are offering 50% off the price of your first visit for our classic medical weight loss program. Normally  the price is $199, but now it is only $99! This special offer covers all costs including doctor visit, coaching, teaching, medical evaluation, laboratory testing and 4 weeks of classic prescription weight loss medication. To take advantage of this offer, people must meet certain medical criteria to participate. Visit us today and get started on your journey to a healthier, happier you!

GLP-1 Program Offer

For patients starting our new GLP-1 medical weight loss program, the sale offers you a 50% discount off of our first visit price (Normally $199, now $99). The cost of GLP-1 medication is not under our control and is therefore not discounted (expect $900 per 4 weeks for Wegovy (all doses) ). Thus the TOTAL cost of the GLP-1 first month will total about $1000 and will remain that price throughout your time on the program. Remember, results with the Classic Program are about the same.


Classic Program: $99 for the first 28 days of treatment (normally $199)-includes visit, labs and medication

GLP-1 Program: $99 fee for first office visit (normally $199)-includes visit and labs but NOT medication


March 21, 2023 through June 22, 2023*

*Warning: Sale will end when all available appointments are taken and this is likely to be long before June 22..

Limited Space

Space is extremely limited and based on past experience, appointments should fill-up very quickly. We will close the sale when that occurs

Medical Qualifications

Because this is a medical program, people must meet certain health criteria to participate*

*These criteria are fully described within the sale application (click button below)

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