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Classic Medical
Weight Loss

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Holland Clinic's classic medical weight loss program is a modern, evidence-based approach to weight loss that is tailored to each individual. We use time-tested methods and classic FDA-approved oral weight loss medications to help people reach their goals. Our most popular program provides an extremely affordable and effective way to lose weight, improve health and boost self-confidence.

Since 1991

Why Choose Our Classic
Medical Weight Loss Program?

GLP-1 Quality of  Results

For 32 years, people have trusted Holland Clinic to help them lose significant weight rapidly and safely. We have tools to make a difference in your life within weeks and we have the expertise and experience to guide you to a brighter and far healthier future many years from now. Weight loss is about living life and living long. Don't settle for  a gimmick. Read about us, think about what we offer and decide if you are ready. When the time is right, we really can help you.

Three Decades of Experience

Dr. Holland opened his practice in July of 1991 when he was barely 29 years old. Today at the age of 60 he is able to offer care made even better by decades of experience and scientific progress.

Highly Affordable

Price matters. A lot. Weight loss takes time and a high cost weight loss program can put serious pressure on your budget.  Since 1991, Holland Clinic and Dr. Holland have offered some of the best prices in the US.

How do we do it? We keep our overhead costs low. We have no investors to pay, no royalties, we use customized software designed by Dr. Holland and we are very careful about advertising. Our long-term strategy has always been to build our reputation through excellent care and use word of mouth to attract new patients. All of this saves you money. ​

In-Office Dispensing

We dispense medication to our patients directly from the office at the time of visit. This saves you surprise extra costs and the hassle of pharmacy prescription

Our highly effective traditional weight loss program is uses an evidence-based approach to all weight loss modalities, including diet, exercise, behavior modification, and weight loss medication. We focus on livability and efficacy, and with over 32 years experience, we have highly refined our program to bring you the best results. Our program is tailored to your individual needs, and our team weight loss team is here to help you every step of the way.

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SAVE 50%

  • Covers 1st visit, lab testing and 4 week supply of weight loss medication

  • $79-$110 (per 4 weeks) after that


*Price is for our traditional program which covers your first visit, all lab testing and your first 4 week supply of weight loss medication. Our GLP-1 program is priced differently


Start our traditional medical weight loss program for only...


Key Features of Our Classic
Medical Weight Loss Program

Our program starts with a detailed medical evaluation from Dr. Holland. This includes a brief clothing-on physical exam, laboratory testing, a thorough medical history and a detailed analysis of your weight during your life. 

These are the tools with which you and Dr. Holland will generate a realistic and effective plan for lasting weight control.

Evaluation and Planning

Long-term weight loss is about long-term patterns of living. We have the experience and expertise to help you build a new lifestyle centered on livable eating habits and a reasonable program of physical activity.

Weight Loss Medication

Losing weight is hard and many people need help. We offer every single FDA approved weight loss medication and today there are more choices than ever. Medication does not replace diet or exercise but it can help make both easier. Under the supervision of an expert doctor we can give you a big head start on a new life.

Medical Lifestyle Coaching

We offer many diets from food-based meal plans to do-it-yourself approaches. Dr. Holland knows and teaches them all. There is no one diet that works best for everyone. We will help you design a diet that is safe, livable and effective.

Dietary Optimization

Physical Activity

Exercise is a confusing part of weight loss. While people can lose weight without it, they need it in the long run.  Again, there are many choices from a simple walking program to structured interval training. The choices belong to you.

Behavior Modification

Despite the punitive sound of the term "behavior modification", in fact this is just a really good set of techniques to help all of us short-circuit and extinguish harmful habits and easily adopt good new ones. Please visit our behavior modification for weight loss pages to learn more about how to use the psychological technology effectively.

Laboratory Testing

Our Medical Weight Loss program includes a comprehensive laboratory blood testing panel to ensure that our patients are in optimal health. For a single fee included with the program, our patients receive a complete blood count with differential and a serum metabolic panel that includes cholesterol and fractions. This ensures that our patients receive the best possible care and results during their weight loss journey.

Whole Body DEXA Scanning

At Holland Clinic, we offer state-of-the-art DXA body composition scanning with the brand new General Electric Lunar iDXA Pro. This is the world's most accurate body composition test, and is used by NFL teams, other professional sports teams, and Olympic athletes. The DXA scan shows body fat, muscle, bone and water, and provides a comprehensive look at a person's body composition. We are proud to offer our patients a substantial discount on this revolutionary scan!

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