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Select Articles on the Relationship Between Probiotics and Body Weight

How Refrigerators Make us Fat

This article explores the history of probiotic foods, highlighting their origins in accidental fermentation and their evolution as a food preservation technique. The human gut and gut flora have developed a symbiosis with probiotic foods, which may have implications for gut health and weight management. Technological advancements like canning and refrigeration led to a decline in probiotic consumption, potentially contributing to the obesity epidemic. Embracing probiotic-rich foods could help address modern health challenges related to gut health and obesity.

The Evolution of Human Gut Microbiota: From Hunter-Gatherers to the Modern Era

A look at poop through the ages and thought on how body weight has been affected.

Probiotic Bacteria in Fermented Food and Their Role in Regulating Inflammation and Obesity

An overview of the role of probiotic bacteria in human obesity and inflammation

25 Most Popular Probiotic Foods and the Good Bacteria They Contain

A short look at America's favorite probiotics and their effects on Weight Loss

Kimchi: A Delicious Korean Probiotic and How to Prepare it Cheaply at Home

A detailed look at one of the world's most delicious probiotics. And how to make it from scratch.

Fecal Transplant: Another Way to Change Gut Bacteria

Probiotics aren't the only way to change gut bacteria. Weird as it sounds (and is), fecal transplant is a hot subject for obesity research because there is evidence that it profoundly changes gut bacteria and thereby affects body weight.

Antibiotics Cause Weight Gain. Antibiotics Cause Weight Loss

Because they kill bacteria, antibiotics kill gut bacteria. If they kill good bacteria, bad things like weight gain can occur. If they kill 'bad' bacteria, 'good' things like weight loss can follow.

Natto: The Weirdest Probiotic Food

Natto is a Japanese invention of fermented soybean inoculated with a bacteria called Bacillus subtilis. It is a foul smelling, slimy food that tastes great and has many health benefits.

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