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GLP-1 Based Medical

Weight Loss Program Prices


First Visit:



First visit price applies to: ​​

New patients: people whom we have never seen before

Renewing Patients: former patients to Holland Clinic whose last visit was more than 12 months ago.

First Visit Price Includes:​​

  1. Weight-oriented medical history and "clothing-on" physical exam 

  2. Laboratory blood testing consisting of 

    • Complete blood count with differential

    • Blood chemistry profile with lipids and cholesterol fractions

  3. Printed guide to Holland Clinic's medical weight loss program

  4. Face to face medical visit with Dr. Holland

  5. 28-day prescription for an appropriate GLP-1 analogue drug

Price Does NOT Include the price for the GLP-1 drug. GLP-1 prices are set by the retail pharmacy you choose to fill your prescription.

GLP-1 Prescription Price:

$750-$1500 per 28-day supply of GLP-1 drug

Dr. Holland will only prescribe GLP-1 weight loss medications to patients for whom there are medical reasons to lose weight. Generally this means either having a body mass index of 27 or more OR having a body mass index between 27 and 30 AND having a weight-related medical condition.

Follow-up GLP-1 Visits:

$99 per 28-days (program fee)

$650-$1350 per 28-day supply of GLP-1 drug

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