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Holland Clinic is the medical practice of Mark J. Holland MD. Dr. Holland started this practice in 1991 when he was 28 years old. Today at age 60 with 32 years experience, Dr. Holland is still going strong and Holland Clinic has more to offer patients than ever before

Weight loss is an intensely personal and emotional undertaking. Above all, it requires immense patience and persistence. I am proud to have helped over twenty thousand people lose weight over the years and I am delighted to say that today, in 2023, we have more tools than ever before to help you lose weight and achieve important personal and medical goals.

Please feel free to use this website as a resource to help you decide what approach to weight loss is likely to serve your needs best. There are many choices. If you decided to become a patient, I will meet with you personally so that together we can design a weight loss plan that actually works to improve your life and your health.

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