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DEXA: The Most Useful
Tool in Weight Loss

What is DEXA?

DEXA (or DXA) stands for "Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry". It is a medical imaging technology that uses extremely tiny doses of X-Rays to interrogate tissue throughout the body and generate ultra-accurate measurements of body composition. It also delivers amazing images of the interior of the body with color-coded analyses of fat, muscle and bone. DEXA is the ONLY fat measurement tool that truly works and it revolutionizes weight loss.

Why is DEXA Useful?

A DEXA body composition scan is the world's most accurate body composition test and is used by professional sports teams and Olympic athletes. It uses a very low dose x-ray to image the inside of the body, providing ultra-accurate measurements of fat, muscle and bone throughout the whole body as well as for each limb and body section. This makes it great for both weight loss and body building, allowing you to accurately track your progress and accurately adjust your strategy. Now let's see why is is so useful to weight loss...

DEXA vs. Body Weight: the Most
Difficult Question in Weight Loss

The most difficult set of questions for people losing weight is "How much fat am I losing and where am I losing it from?"

The question is hard because body weight is not what matters. What matters is body fat and the problem is that it changes very slowly. Body weight, on the other hand, can change rapidly because of fluid retention (or loss) and other factors. In other words, short-term weight changes on a scale are nearly useless. They don't tell you how you're doing. Instead, short term weight changes---usually from water weight changes--- merely serve to frustrate and discourage people. This is, in my opinion (Dr. Holland) one of the biggest reasons why weight loss is so incredibly difficult for people.

Without the ability to truly know how much fat they are losing, people who rely only on a scale are trying to lose weight in the dark. They have no way of knowing whether what they are doing is actually working and therefore no way of adjusting their strategy for the better.

DEXA Solves
the Hardest Problem in Weight Loss

Because DEXA can see through all the noise of weight loss to measure fat loss directly, it is the ONLY tool in weight loss that really helps people fine-tune their lifestyles to achieve optimum weight loss. With DEXA, we can see fat changes directly and accurately. And even better, we can see WHERE those changes are occurring. Regardless of what a scale might say, if DEXA shows that you are losing fat then you are doing well and can safely double down on your eating and exercise strategies. Likewise, if DEXA shows a problem, you can address that immediately before it becomes serious.

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