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Which Medical Weight Loss Program Should

GLP-1 Program vs. our Classic Medical Weight Loss Program

Specific Differences Between GLP-1 Program and Classic Program

As we have seen, Holland Clinic offers two different medical weight loss programs. The first program is our classic program which has been helping people lose weight since 1991. The second option is our new "GLP-1 Program" which uses newer weight loss medications.

The main differences between the two programs are:


Our classic program averages about $90-$120 per 28 days and this INCLUDES all weight loss medications

The GLP-1  program (on the other hand) is incredibly expensive costing between about $750 and $1500 per month. The cost is so high because the new drugs are so expensive.


To make a long story short, the GLP-1 drugs MAY be slightly more effective than classic ones but the difference amounts to a few pounds. ​​

Ease of use:​

Classic medications are taken by mouth between one and three times per day.​

GLP-1 drugs are injected. Some are injected daily and some weekly.

Other issues:

There are a few other minor differences between plans.​

For Most Patients it Boils Down to Price

Our classic program works almost as well for about ten times less money. For most people, cost seals the deal. Most people stick with our classic program and do very well by it.

For a small number people however, the GLP-1 program may appeal more. Because there has been so much media hype about drugs like Wegovy, some people are determined to try them no matter what the cost and in fact, price aside, GLP-1 drugs are a very good option for them. The problem is that unless people can afford to take them every month without interruption, the drugs won't work. Also, there is a long dose build-up involved---it takes months to get up to the doses that work well. If you are aware of all these issues and still want to try, then we are happy to offer you the opportunity.

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