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Classic Program:
A Deep Dive Into the Heart of
Classic Medical Weight Loss Program

Outline of Holland Clinic's Classic Medical Weight Loss Program

A very brief outline of our classic medical weight loss program.

Classic Medical Weight Loss Program

Holland Clinic's classic medical weight loss program is a modern, evidence-based approach to weight loss that is tailored to each individual. We use time-tested methods and classic FDA-approved oral weight loss medications to help people reach their goals. Our most popular program provides an extremely affordable and effective way to lose weight, improve health and boost self-confidence.

Classic Weight Loss Medications

A short review of classic weight loss drugs.

Hidden Potential of Classic Weight Loss Drugs

Classic weight loss drugs are underappreciated and under-prescribed due to outdated guidelines, lack of marketing, and the influence of the pharmaceutical industry. To counter this "untimely retirement of generic drugs," it's crucial to update prescribing guidelines, encourage independent research, foster continuous medical education, and raise public awareness. This collaborative effort can unlock the hidden potential of classic weight loss medications, providing patients with cost-effective and efficient treatment options.

Topiramate Gives Classic Drugs an Extra Push

Topiramate, originally an anti-seizure and migraine medication, has emerged as a promising weight loss aid. It is a key component in Qsymia and is also used off-label in combination with classic weight loss drugs. Despite potential side effects, including teratogenic effects, topiramate offers new possibilities in obesity management when combined with a healthy lifestyle.

Dan's Story: An Extraordinary Patient

Read a first-hand account of one of our most successful patients on our Classic Program

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