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Your First Visit to Holland Clinic - What to Expect

Your journey begins with a one-hour consultation with Dr. Holland and our staff. During this session, we will orient you to our program, design a customized diet plan tailored to your needs, and perform a basic medical evaluation, including a brief physical exam with your clothes on.

Your First Visit to Holland Clinic - What to Expect

Welcome to the Holland Clinic! We understand that embarking on a medical weight loss journey can be both exciting and intimidating. That's why we want to help you feel as prepared and confident as possible when you come in for your first visit (FV) with Dr. Mark Holland. This article will outline the key features of your first appointment, so you know exactly what to expect.


Upon arrival at the Holland Clinic, you'll start by checking in at our front desk. Most of the necessary paperwork will have been completed online before your visit, allowing for a streamlined process and reducing your wait time to less than 10 minutes.

Vital Signs and Body Weight:

Once you've checked in, a member of our team will greet you and escort you to an examination room. Here, your vital signs and body weight will be checked and recorded as a baseline for your weight loss journey.

Meeting Dr. Holland:

Dr. Holland will then greet you personally and engage in a brief conversation to make you feel comfortable and welcome. Following this, he will perform a quick, clothes-on physical exam to ensure there are no immediate health concerns.

Weight-Oriented Medical History:

Dr. Holland will take a thorough weight-oriented medical history, asking about your past diet and exercise habits, medical conditions, medications, and family history of obesity or related health issues. This information helps him better understand your unique needs and challenges, ultimately allowing him to provide more personalized care.

Diet and Exercise:

After gathering your medical history, Dr. Holland will begin teaching you the basic principles of our medical weight loss program. He will start by discussing diet, emphasizing the importance of a balanced and sustainable eating plan. The specifics of our diet recommendations can be found in the article following this one.

Next, you'll move on to a conversation about exercise. Dr. Holland will work with you to develop a customized exercise plan that takes into account your preferences, fitness level, and any physical limitations. Detailed information on our exercise guidelines can also be found in a separate article.

Weight Loss Medication:

Dr. Holland will then discuss the role of weight loss medications in our program. He will explain that these medications are prescribed because they have proven efficacy and are safe to use. He will provide an overview of the various medications available, their mechanisms of action, typical results, and potential side effects. It's important to note that specific medications and side effects will be covered in greater detail elsewhere.

Together, you and Dr. Holland will craft a medication plan tailored to your individual needs, aiming to provide maximum benefit for your weight loss journey.

Wrapping Up:

Your first visit to the Holland Clinic will take approximately one hour. At the end of your appointment, depending on the program you've chosen, you'll either receive a new prescription and an array of over-the-counter dietary supplements (Classic Program) or a written prescription along with office-dispensed dietary supplements (GLP-1 Program).

Before leaving the clinic, you'll be given a follow-up appointment scheduled for about four weeks later. This ongoing support is crucial in ensuring your success and maintaining the progress you've made.


At the Holland Clinic, we pride ourselves on working closely with our patients to create individualized weight loss plans that are both effective and sustainable. We hope that this overview of your first visit has eased any concerns and left you feeling excited to begin your weight loss journey with Dr. Mark Holland and our dedicated team.

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