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Tapeworm Eggs

Tapeworm Egg: While not actually a drug, a tapeworm egg in a sugar cube was sold and ingested as if it was a drug and so I will list it here. Tapeworm eggs were used in the early 20th century as a weight loss aid. The eggs were ingested, and the tapeworms would grow inside the host's intestines, consuming nutrients and calories. This method is not only dangerous but also illegal in the US. Side effects include abdominal pain, malnutrition, and in severe cases, organ damage and death.

Actual (purportedly) advertisement for a product containing 'sanitized' tapeworms (probably an egg)
Era of Discovery

Early 20th century

Mechanism of Action

Ingested eggs hatch and grow inside host, consuming nutrients and calories

History of Use in the United States

Used as weight loss aid in early 20th century

Benefit of Weight Loss Agent or Medication

Weight loss due to tapeworms consuming nutrients and calories

Possible Side Effects

Abdominal pain, malnutrition, organ damage, and death in severe cases

Current Regulatory Status in US

Illegal. Occasional claims that clinics in certain Latin American countries are infecting people.

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