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Breatharian diet

Breatharian diet

Concept or Theory Behind this Diet:

Ineda: A Prescription for Rapid Death

The Breatharian Diet, also known as Inedia, is an extreme and controversial lifestyle choice rather than a diet in the traditional sense. Individuals who practice breatharianism claim that they do not need to consume food, and in some cases even water, and instead gain their sustenance purely from sunlight and air (prana, or life energy in certain Eastern philosophies). The idea comes from certain spiritual and mystical traditions, which suggest that humans can be sustained solely by prana.

Truly Stupid and Deadly

It's important to note that this practice is scientifically unsupported and can be extremely dangerous. The human body requires nutrients, hydration, and calories to function properly and maintain essential bodily processes like brain function, temperature regulation, and cellular maintenance. Without these, a person would be at significant risk of malnutrition, dehydration, and eventually, death.

Do NOT Try this 'Diet'

Mainstream medical and scientific communities strongly advise against trying to live as a breatharian due to the severe health risks involved. It is always recommended to follow a balanced diet combined with regular physical activity to maintain good health. In any case where an individual is considering a significant change to dietary or lifestyle habits, it's crucial to seek advice from a healthcare provider or a registered dietitian.

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