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HMR Program

HMR Program

Concept or Theory Behind this Diet:

Meal replacements|support and coaching

The Health Management Resources (HMR) Program is a comprehensive weight loss and lifestyle change system designed to help individuals achieve long-term weight management. Founded in 1983 by Dr. Lawrence Stifler, the HMR Program combines structured meal plans, physical activity, and behavioral modification techniques to promote healthy weight loss and maintenance.The HMR Program offers two main plans: the "Healthy Solutions" plan and the "Decision-Free" plan. The Healthy Solutions plan is designed for individuals seeking to lose weight through a combination of meal replacements and grocery store foods. It includes HMR shakes, entrees, and snacks, as well as fruits and vegetables. The Decision-Free plan is a more intensive, medically supervised program designed for individuals with a higher BMI or those who require rapid weight loss for health reasons. This plan relies exclusively on HMR meal replacements and does not include grocery store foods.Both HMR plans encourage physical activity and incorporate weekly group coaching sessions to support behavior change and weight loss maintenance. These sessions aim to provide education, motivation, and accountability, helping participants develop the skills and habits necessary for long-term success.The HMR Program has been recognized for its effectiveness in promoting weight loss. A 2015 study published in the Journal of Obesity found that the HMR Program led to significant weight loss and improvements in cardiovascular risk factors when compared to a standard, reduced-calorie diet. However, it is essential to note that the program's success is dependent on the individual's commitment to the structured meal plans, physical activity, and behavior modification techniques.

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