Why We Don't Publish Testimonials

Why We Don't Publish Testimonials:

Testimonials to Weight Loss are an Insult
Testimonials that feature a person's name and face, perhaps even "before and after" photos can be very compelling advertising tools. Most weight loss programs use them. We do not.


Because this is a MEDICAL practice and our "clients" are my patients and testimonial advertising is too invasive of privacy.

But What if People WANT to Advertise Their Weight Loss?

Some do. The problem is that what sounds good today may not sound good tomorrow. It's very tempting to show off a big weight loss in public, but, and let me be honest here, not everyone keeps the weight off forever. Weight loss is a massive struggle and sometimes people fall backwards. That's hard enough on it's own, but imagine how humiliating it is if a website displays the success that you "failed" to maintain. No, again, this is a medical practice first and a business second. I won't put people in a position they may later regret.

Anecdote and Science

There is another reason I won't publish testimonials and it has to do with deception. Anecdotes (single cases) mean nothing. Even if I were the worst doctor on Earth, inevitably some patients would lose weight. If I advertise only those people's results, it might look like I was the best doctor on Earth. All day long I teach people to look beyond anecdotes to the hard data in weight loss. Why would I then turn around and use anecdotes to try to build my business? I won't. 

Anonymous Testimonials

Could I avoid the privacy issues cited above by offering anonymous testimonials? Of course I could. But would you believe that they were real? I wouldn't if I were you. Anonymous testimonials are pointless and they still suffer the defect of anecdote.


A long time ago I decided to try my best to function as an honest broker. If the title of physician means anything worthwhile it is partly because of earned trust. I'm trying to earn yours. Whether I have succeeded or failed is an issue only you can settle.