Weight Loss University

Welcome to Holland Clinic's online weight loss University. Here you will learn everything needed to become a veritable weight loss expert. You'll even get a real "Holland Clinic Weight-Loss Guru" diploma (signed by me!)if you pass all the online exams! And don't worry, the goal is to make this quick and fun and above all to help you understand weight loss so that you can achieve it! 

Beyond the "What to do-what not to do"

I know you're busy and you want a simple diet and exercise plan that tells you exactly what to eat, what to avoid, what kind and how much exercise to get. But if all you learn is WHAT and not "why", you're bound to slip-up. Think of it like this: if we tell a child never to cross the street he probably won't do it...for a while. But if he doesn't understand why he shouldn't cross the street he's bound by human nature to do it one day soon. But if he understands that he could be killed by an automobile, if he really "gets it" then he's probably not going to cross the street OR he'll use his human intelligence to LOOK and be certain that there are no cars coming." Now I know that you're not a child but you get the point. With real understand we can all use our heads to actually "figure it out", to solve problems. And solving weight loss problems is what this crazy little "University" is all about.

Can I Eat "This"?

A concrete example is the question I get all the time: "can I eat (food X) or (food Y) or (food z)?" The question is perfectly fair but the problem is that there are a lot of foods out there and the questions can (and often do) go on forever. But if you understand the principles of eating for weight loss, if you know why certain foods help and others harm weight loss, if you understand how to use nutrition information labels, ingredient lists, your eyes, nose and taste buds, if you really "get it", then you can figure out what to eat all on your own and thus become the person answering rather than asking the question "is it OK to eat deep-fried rat heads in Bernaise sauce?"

Easy to Hard:

I have organized the tests on the following pages from easiest first to hardest last. My advice is to take all the tests that you can easily pass and then move-on to harder ones. But when you come to tests you can't pass, then check-out the links I have provided to learn more. Once you feel comfortable then retake the test and move-on

Subpages (2): Test 1: The Basics Test 2