The Biggest Loser's Gainers

Note From Dr. Holland: This story was related to me over a year ago by a very kind patient whom I adore and would never wish to embarrass. Even though I have not identified her (or maybe "him) in this article, I felt obliged to ask permission before posting it. The permission was given and so here goes....

Gaining to Lose: How the Biggest Loser Harmed my Patient
Ms. X came to see me for the first time and after I greeted her, I sat down to talk with her and take her medical history. Shortly she related that she had gained about 40 pounds during the previous four months. Naturally this alarmed me and so I asked her, in a gentle way, 'did she have any idea why she suddenly  put-on so much weight?'

"Oh I ABSOLUTELY know why I gained forty pounds" she replied. "I did it to get on 'The Biggest Loser'."

So here is the story: Ms. X and a friend were big fans of the television show and both wanted to lose weight. They "applied" (however that is done) to become contestants on the Biggest Loser and were pleased to be invited to participate in "the first round" of interviews which, apparently, were conducted here in Albuquerque. But, and here is where the tale crystallizes, Ms X and her friend felt they weren't overweight enough to have a good chance of being ultimately chosen as contestants and so to correct this "deficiency" the two ladies decided to try to gain as much weight as possible before their first interview. And they did. And neither of them "passed" the interview or even came close to becoming contestants on The Biggest Loser.

So there she was, Ms. X, sitting before me, forty pounds heavier than a few months earlier for the singular reason that she wanted to get onto a television show about LOSING weight. 

How many other Americans out there have done the same thing? She can't be the only person. 

P.S. Ms X has lost her forty pounds and considerably more since these events transpired.