5 Things to Cook for Weight Loss

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Five Things to Cook (and Eat) For Weight Loss

Colorful Leafy Vegetables

Green, red, purple and orange leafy vegetables are rich in fiber and phytochemicals that fill you up, lower Ghrelin levels, promote the growth of bacteroidetes bacteria in the gut and HELP you lose weight

WHOLE Fruit (Except watermelon which is sugar water)

Yes, whole fruits contain fructose but they are loaded with fiber which slows the absorbtoion of this sugar to a rate that our bodies can handle. And fruits, like vegetables, are loaded with fiber and phytochemicals.

Whole Grains:

Whole grains are called "whole" because the fibrous shell that surrounds the kernel remains intact. This extra fiber slows the rate we absorb carbohydrate and makes whole grains suitable for weight loss cooking.

Ocean Fish:

Sugarless Yogurt:

Yogurt is "pro-biotic". It contains living lactobacillus bacteria that can help keep the colon populated with a high proportion of bacteroides-phylum bacteria (lactobacillus is a species of the "phylum" bacteroidetes". Bacteroidetes is strongly associated with lower inflammation and with thinness. Furthermore yogurt, especially Greek yogurt, is very high in protein.