10 Steps to Eating Right for Weight Loss

Below is a basic outline of our 

Ten Steps to Losing Weight By Eating Right

Color Key:

·         Items in RED are the most important
·         Items in ORANGE are important but less so

·         Items in GREEN will help but are not critical


1.  Eat frequently.

a.    At least 3 meals per day

2.  Eat preemptively:

a.    Eat BEFORE you get hungry

3.  NEVER skip breakfast

4.  Don't eat within two hours of bedtime

5.  Avoid high glycemic index foods

a.    Understand the glycemic index (G.I.)

b.    Generally avoid "white", highly processed starches

6.  VERY Low Sugar:

a.    No regular sodas

b.    No cookies, cakes, pies, pastries, candies, ice cream, doughnuts and NO FRUIT JUICES.

c.    Whole fruits except watermelon are fine.

d.    Artificial sweeteners are OK

e.    Especially avoid fructose and high fructose corn syrup

f.     Limit sugar alcohols (Xylitol, sorbitol etc.)

7.  VERY High Fiber:

a.    Add bran if possible

b.    Whole grains only

c.    Leafy vegetables

d.    Fiber supplements are expensive but OK

8.  Eat more raw or lightly cooked leafy plants

a.    Not only are they high-fiber, but phytochemicals clearly improve human health

9.  Limit total fat intake to 50 grams daily

10.        ZERO (absolutely none) trans-fats

a.    "Trans-fat Free" labels mean nothing. Read the ingredients and avoid anything with "partially hydrogenated vegetable oil".

11.        Increase "Omega-3 Fatty Acids"

a.    Fish oil: either take a supplement daily or eat a lot of oily deep-water ocean fish

b.    Flax seed: Supplement or eat flax.


12.        Very high protein:

a.    120 grams of protein daily

b.    Have a very high protein breakfast

c.    Choose high-quality proteins like egg, soy, milk protein and lean meats.

13.        Add "Pro-Biotics" to your diet

a.    Sugar-free yogurt or a lactobacillus supplement

14.        Drink LOTS of Water

a.    Drink enough water that you need to urinate at least six times daily.

15.        Increase Spiciness of Food