Weight Loss Pharmacology

Drug Therapy to Treat Obesity

Background on Weight Loss Medication via Q&A

Is obesity a disease? 

The answer to that question depends on what we mean by the word "disease".

Is obesity an infectious disease?

No, not in the classical sense (although even this idea has been challenged). 

Is obesity an occult (hidden) disease that "percolates" in the background of one's life for years? 

Again, no, by definition, obesity is very 'public' phenomenon. It's hard to hide. 

Is obesity merely a character flaw whose solution involves only moderation and common sense? 

Well, plenty of overweight people sure seem to have lots of moderation and common sense in the rest of their lives so it's hard hard to imagine why, with something as important to them as weight they should suddenly be found lacking.

So is obesity a disease?

Well, duh! Yes, in every important sense, obesity is in fact a disease.

How does modern medicine treat disease?

With surgical care on the one hand and with medical (pharmacologic[drug]) therapy on the other. 

Does surgical care for weight work:?

Yes. VERY well.

Does pharmacologic therapy for weight work?

Yes, but not as well as surgery.... YET.

Pharmacologic (drug) therapy for weight loss is the subject of this section including all of the various subpages listed off to the left.