Heart Disease and Obesity

Atherosclerotic Coronary Vascular Disease (ASCVD) or "Heart Disease"

Heart disease and obesity
While the logical English meaning of the term "heart disease" should be "any" disease of the heart, in medicine the term is generally assumed to mean ASCVD or "atherosclerosis" of the coronary arteries. At any rate, ASCVD is the most common cause of myocardial infarction (MI) or heart attack. 

I have already discussed the role of cholesterol in ASCVD and MI and I have described how obesity and particularly metabolic syndrome increase risk for dangerous and abnormal blood cholesterol levels, how those levels influence risk and finally how that risk can cause a full-blown MI or heart attack. That much has been established.

Obesity is an INDEPENDENT Risk for Heart Attack

What is worse is this: that obesity is an INDEPENDENT risk factor for heart attack. That is to say that above and beyond the heart disease risk that obesity causes through abnormal blood lipids, it causes additional risk that exists even in obese people with normal levels of blood fats. THAT is the very bad news. Obesity is a direct and and indirect (through cholesterol) risk factor for heart attack.