Obesity Basics

Basic Issues and Risks Associated with Obesity & Weight Loss.

1: Education:

Understand that obesity is a very serious medical problem, NOT a sign of laziness or weakness.
Read this book and understand that the SET POINT controls body weight.
Understand why low fat diets are the only sensible approach.

2: Diets For Weight Loss

The issues are LIVABILITY and HEALTH ; not just effectiveness.

3: Exercise for Weight Loss

Start slowly.
Try to do SOME exercise every day.
Set a schedule and stick to it.
Learn how to measure your heart rate.
Understand the benefits of weight training.
Start light weight training at least two times per week (under supervision)
Expect VERY slow results (it takes at least two months to lose weight after starting or increasing exercise)

4: Psychology of Weight Loss

Your biggest enemy is a bad attitude—stay positive and motivated and you will prevail.
Expect to lose slowly! One to two pounds per week is perfect.
Expect inconsistency. Sometimes you lose a lot, sometimes only a small amount.
Never give up! You can lose weight and you can keep it off. It is never easy, but you can do it.
Take it one day at a time- you may need to lose forty pounds or two hundred and forty. Either way, it cannot be tackled all at once.
Consider group support
Keep your appointments.
More frequent visits correlate with better results.

5: Medication for Weight Loss

Appetite medications are not a Miracle.  Appetite control medications really can help people lose weight. But they won’t work if people fail to "work with them". They don’t make it impossible to eat and they don’t work forever. If people are not prepared to make major long term changes in lifestyle, these medications will do you no good at all.