Sugars are the smallest (simplest) carbohydrates. They taste sweet, they are rapidly absorbed from the gut (even the mouth for glucose), and they contribute to weight gain (see Glycemic Index) in several ways: they are 'empty calories' (meaning they have no bulk to fill people up), they trigger insulin release (which promotes fat storage) and they cause rebound hunger (because the insulin they trigger causes blood sugar to fall rapidly).

         Spotting hidden sugar in foods. Look out for any of these ingredients in food:

Ø  Corn sweetener

Ø  Corn syrup

Ø  High-fructose corn syrup

Ø  Dextrose

Ø  Fructose

Ø  Glucose

Ø  Lactose

Ø  Maltose

Ø  Sucrose

Ø  Honey

Ø  Sugar

Ø  Brown sugar

Ø  Invert sugar

Ø  Molasses

Ø  Malt syrup

Ø  Syrup

Ø  Evaporated cane juice.