Does Pink Slime Cause Obesity?

Pink Slime is a Perfect Example of Food That Causes Obesity

Pink Slime or Mechanically Separated Animal Tissue
Talk about over-processing. Talk about gross. Pink slime or "mechanically separated carcass & animal tissue" (m-SCAT)is a perfect example of over-processed "food". Actually its a perfect example of Soylent Green, but that's beside the point. This pink, gelatinous....slime is what you get, or actually what huge slaughterhouses get, when they take all the residue from animal slaughter--the skin and bones and hoofs and snouts and they thrash it with steel whips until every last bit of soft tissue is ripped off the bones, pulverized, liquefied, treated with ammonia, centrifuged, strained, pressed and packaged. Pink Slime is a very common ingredient in "hamburger meat" and a lot of other fast food.

Advanced Meat Recovery

Pink slime is a product of "advanced meat recovery" or the process of stripping every bit of soft tissue off the
Pink Slime causes obesity
bones of an animal after it is killed and after the "prime" cuts of meat are manually removed. Advanced meat recovery results in a number of delicious products whose names include: Finely Textured Beef (FTB), Lean Finely Textured Beef (LFTB), Premium Black Angus Finely Textured Beef (PBAFTB), Angus Finely Textured Beef (AFTB), Beef Trimmings, Finely Textured (BTFT) and Partially Defatted Chopped Beef (PDCB). 

Pink Slime is an Obesogen

What's Wrong With Pink Slime and Other Products of Advanced Meat Recovery?

According to the US Department of Agriculture, nothing is wrong with m-SCAT or "pink-slime". The USDA has stated that m-SCAT is acceptable fare for America's school children. But even McDonalds won't use m-SCAT in its food. So what exactly IS wrong with pink slime?

  1. Pink Slime Makes You Fat
    It's revolting. Let's just be honest.
  2. It has a lower "protein quality" score than ground beef
  3. It is high in fat
  4. Because it is a liquified protein, it is pre-digested and therefore has a lower thermic effect than real meat.

Other Than Being Revolting and Unhealthy, Pink Slime is a Great Product

For dogs.