Prices for Holland Clinic Medical Weight Loss Program

Complete Prices For Holland Clinic's Albuquerque, New Mexico Medical Weight Loss Program

A Note About Our Prices:

A frequent question asked  by prospective patients runs something like this: 'So what's the catch? Why are your prices so much lower than other weight loss programs in Albuquerque?'

The short answer is that there is no catch. Since 1991, we have been committed to offering patients the very highest level of care at affordable prices.
There are other excellent physician-staffed weight loss clinics here in Albuquerque but in some instances  they may be more expensive than our program. Obviously price should not be the only criterion used to choose a weight loss program and with that in mind, we encourage you to carefully review the information presented here on our website and to call us directly if you have any further questions about the care we offer. At any rate, our prices are listed below and there really is no catch. There are no hidden charges.


First Visit: $199.00+tax

First visit price applies to: 
      1. New patients: people whom we have never seen before
      2. Renewing Patients: former patients to Holland Clinic whose last visit was more than 12 months ago.

First Visit Price Includes:

      1. Weight-oriented medical history and "clothing-on" physical exam 
      2. Laboratory blood testing consisting of 
        • Complete blood count with differential
        • Blood chemistry profile with lipids and cholesterol fractions
      1. Printed guide to Holland Clinic's medical weight loss program
      2. 90 minute group talk with Dr. Holland and about 5-15 other new patients covering nutrition, exercise, weight loss medications and more
      3. 28-day supply (dispensed directly to you by Dr. Holland from our office) of
        • Prescription weight loss medication. 
          • Dr. Holland will only prescribe weight loss medications to patients for whom there are medical reasons to lose weight. Generally this means either having a body mass index of 30 or more OR having a body mass index between 27 and 30 AND having a weight-related medical condition.For more information about this, please consult the following: Do You Qualify for Medical Weight Loss?
          • If Dr. Holland cannot treat you, we will NOT charge you

 Follow-up Visits(every 28 days):$70-$110 +tax

Follow-up Visit Prices include:

  • Medications dispensed to you by doctor Holland
  • Nutritional supplements that support health during your weight loss
  • Oversight and monitoring of your care (including your medications) by Dr. Holland personally
  • In-person visit to our clinic for progress check-up 
  • One-on-one visit with Dr. Holland as needed, for changes to medications, diet and exercise regimes as you progress in the program
  • Quick access to staff and Dr. Holland after you visit to answer questions and concerns, provide guidance, or general support and encouragement