Medical And Pharmacy Software

One of the reasons we are able to offer our patients such low prices is the fact that we have a homemade (by Dr. Holland) software system that we use to run every aspect of our practice. Dr. Holland is constantly updating and improving the software with new additions to functionality and efficiency. For example, we print VERY detailed vial labels for each prescription dispensed. These labels include color photographs of the medications contained in the underlying bottles.

Holland Clinic prescription vial label.

The software is run from a single "Master Panel"

Holland Clinic software master panel

Detailed medical information for each patient is easily entered from a simple interface

Electronic medical records at Holland Clinic

Medication Dispensing is easy with our software.

Mdeication dispensing at Holland Clinic

Anyway, that gives a basic overview of a few of the features of our software. The point is that because we run things "in-house" we can serve you better and at a lower price.