Medical Contraindications to Weight Loss Medicines

There are some illnesses, conditions and medications that preclude the use of prescription weight loss medications like phentermine, phendimetrazine or diethylpropion. 

Like all medications, weight loss medications are not a panacea and they are not safe for everyone. Below is a list of conditions and events in a person's history that make the use of most (in some cases all) weight loss medications dangerous.

  • blood-pressure related stroke at some point in your life
  • 'ischemic' (clogged artery) heart attack at some point in your life
  • narrow angle glaucoma
  • blood pressure is dangerously high even when you take medications to control it
  • severe anxiety disorder and are on quite large medication doses to manage it
  • kidney function is declining or failing
  • actively addicted to prescription medication or recently recovering from same
  • actively addicted to street drugs (or recently in recovery)
  • treated for addiction within the last two years
  • diagnosed with 'Bipolar' disorder
  • any 'psychotic' psychiatric illness like schizophrenia
  • taking a medication called a 'mono-amine oxidase inhibitor' (MAOI)
  • taking any stimulant to treat ADD or ADHD (Like Ritalin)
  • You are currently breastfeeding a child
  • You are currently trying to get pregnant
  • Allergy to phentermine, phendimetrazine or diethylpropion
  • Any serious acute medical condition 
This list is not meant to be exhaustive and ultimately the decision to treat you or refrain from treating you is based upon the clinical picture at the time you are examined and evaluated by Dr. Holland. In other words, while we can say that if you DO have any of the medical issues cited above then we certainly cannot treat you, if you LACK these medical issues, it is not a guarantee that we CAN treat you. The decision to treat you for weight loss can only be made by Dr. Holland at the time of your initial and subsequent visits with him.

If Dr. Holland Cannot Treat You, We Will Not Charge You

If, after being evaluated and examined by Dr. Holland, he determines that for medical reasons not outlined on this and related pages pages in our website, he cannot treat you with prescription appetite medications, then, of course, you will not be charged. Still, this represents a big inconvenience for you and frankly, also for Dr. Holland and so we work hard to pre-screen people bother here, online and on the phone. But, alas, life and health are complex and sometimes, despite our best attempts to cover every base and describe every possible situation where treatment would be impossible, something happens to throw a wrench in the works. We hope and trust that you understand.