Follow Up Visits to Our Medical Weight Loss Clinic

Follow Up Visits to Our Medical Weight Loss Clinic:

Followup visits to Holland Clinic

Scheduling Interval

Normally we schedule patients on a four week or 28 day cycle. This varies significantly from patient to patient however. As I mention on the page describing our prices, the four-week fee for our program is based upon your prescription medications and all other services except occasional laboratory blood work are free of charge. Your visits with me are likewise included in the fee so that you are welcome to see me as often as you like save for the practical matters of scheduling. Most people seem to feel most comfortable with a four week cycle.

Second Visit

Your second visit after starting our program is private and one-on-one with Dr. Holland. As you might expect, this is a very important visit since it comes on the heels of your first four weeks on our program. 

Doctor Holland will sit down with you, review the progress of your weight loss, review important health parameters like your blood pressure and heart rate. He will also review with you the results of the blood testing that he ordered at your first visit. Finally, he will carefully review your response to any weight loss medications he prescribed and, if needed, make adjustments to your prescription.

Subsequent Visits

Generally your third and later visits will be similar to your second, but may, depending on your progress, be quicker. From time to time because of job, family, weather and vacation, patients may need to visit less often than every 28 days. I try to be very flexible in this regard.

In-Office Dispensing

We are a "dispensing physician's office" licensed by the New Mexico State Board of Pharmacy to dispense weight loss medications to patients directly from our office and without the need for you to make a separate visit to a pharmacy.