The staff at Holland Clinic

We are here to help. From Left to Right: Amanda Garcia, Dr. Mark Holland, Kendall Garcia and Matthew Copus

Mark J. Holland MD

Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Dr. Holland has been helping people lose weight for 25 years. That is all he does. Holland Clinic is Albuquerque's only medical weight loss clinic that is devoted entirely to weight loss. Helping people lose weight isn't a 'part' of what we do. It is ALL we do. This website has over 300 pages of information on weight loss but the basics are all right here. If you need to lose weight, we have powerful tools to help you and hope that you will seriously consider joining our medical weight loss program.


Dr. Holland has practiced bariatric medicine (medical weight loss) in Albuquerque for 25 years. Weight loss is all we have ever done. Weight loss is all we do. We really know medical weight loss.
We are the only full-time 100% MEDICAL weight loss clinic in Albuquerque. We don't do surgery---just medical weight loss.


There is no magic, but our program really works because it is based in modern medical science. Dr. Holland doesn't treat you based upon his 'theories' but upon the evidence-the scientific medical evidence as published in major peer-reviewed medical journals.


There is no best diet for everyone and no perfect diet for anyone. There are diets that work fast because they starve you and there are diets based on a whole lot of silly hocus pocus.
We focus instead on helping you arrive at a way of eating that you can actually live with. 


Somehow too many of us think of exercise as a form of punishment. 'If it doesn't hurt-it doesn't work' is the saying. In fact, if it hurts....IT IS HURTING YOU. Physical activity is not punishment. It is a basic function of human life. But there is something everyone should know: exercise works slowly. Sometimes very slowly. As we will explain, what this means is that you have to like it. And no matter what you believe about exercise, you CAN do it.


There are FDA-approved prescription weight loss medications that really do work. Dr. Holland prescribes them to his obese patients because
  1. They are safe
  2. They really do work
  3. Obesity is a medical problem that deserves compassionate care
Weight loss medications are not a miracle. Bariatric surgery generally works better. But short of surgery, weight loss medications are the most effective tools we have in modern medicine. This is a weight loss program that really works