Chapter 3

The Fat Plague

Americans are growing alarmingly fat and no matter how much we try to blame it on lifestyle, we can't fully explain it in those terms. Hidden forces are working to cause us all to gain weight.

I am going to show you how to lose weight by identifying and eliminating substances in your diet that are making you fat. These are substances that are produced and sold by some of the largest agricultural conglomerates in the world; powerful multinational corporations who today have a deeply vested interest in hiding the truth from the public. These corporations are already engaged in vigorous marketing to convince you that what they sell and what you are eating is perfectly safe and perfectly natural. Unfortunately, nothing could be farther from the truth.

I have spent twenty years as a physician helping Americans lose weight. I have an MD from a respected American medical school and I live an ordinary upper middle class American lifestyle. I am not a conspiracist or a radical by nature. But what I have come to learn and to understand about the modern food industry in this country and around the world is truly terrifying. I now believe that much of the American obesity epidemic is caused by unsafe and untested chemically altered food that is marketed and sold by unscrupulous companies to unsuspecting consumers. Because obesity leads to so many other illnesses, these foods and these companies are literally killing us.

What I am going to tell you in this book is not my theory or anyone else's. It is fact backed by abundant well-controlled scientific studies that I will cite. What I am going to tell you is that you and your children are being fed metabolic poisons hidden in the foods you eat every day. What I am going to tell you is how to avoid these poisons, how to lose weight permanently and how to live a better and happier life. What I am going to tell you is the truth about the American diet in the new millennium.


The Obesity Epidemic in the United States

Obesity rates in the US have increased dramatically every year since 1985. Consider the images below which are produced by the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC):

Here is the link to the original animation... it's shocking.

Description: Description: Description: Obesity map. For data, see PowerPoint or PDF linked above.

Figure 1: Map of Obesity Rates in the US by State in 1985

Obesity weight loss

Figure 2: Obesity Rates in 2000

Weight Loss

Figure 3: Obesity Rates in 2009

American obesity epidemic

The numbers are downright shocking.

Since 2009, the last year for which these maps were prepared, obesity rates have begun to level-off some but today, in 2011, the CDC estimates that 34% OF Americans are obese and two-thirds of us are "overweight" (Body Mass Index greater than 25). If the rates of "overweight" and obesity are grouped together and graphed, we have the image below:

Americans are gaining weight

Image 4: Rate of Overweight and Obesity in America for People Between 20 and 74 Years Old From 1960 through 2003


Notice that the numbers used for this image are for the years 1960 through 2003 so that the most recent and severe weight increases are not shown.

Think for a moment about what these images and numbers really mean: There is a disease running rampant in our society that is destroying the quality of people's lives, causing them get sick from related diseases and that is killing them. There is a killer epidemic running rampant in America. This is the Fat Plague.

But WHAT is causing this epidemic?

The conventional answer is "the modern American lifestyle". The argument is that over the last four decades, Americans have become less active because of things like television, video games and more stressful and less-physical jobs. At the same time, we are told, American diets have deteriorated because of fast food and "junk-food". While this set of explanations makes sense, it only partially explains the problem. While it's fairly easy to understand how reduced exercise could lead to weight gain, it's not clear HOW reduced people's activities actually are. And while junk and fast food may BE part of the cause, the question remains why and how these foods play a role. In order to sort matters out, we need to look more deeply at some basic and unchallenged assumptions about obesity.