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Qnexa Albuquerque Q&A

Feb 22, 2012: Mark Holland MD

Questions and Answers From Doctor Mark Holland About Qnexa in Albuquerque

Question: When Will Qnexa Be Available?

Answer: Qnexa is still not officially approved by the FDA. That won't happen until April and while it seems likely that it WILL be approved then, there are no guarantees. If Qnexa is approved, then it will probably be available in pharmacies by the summer of 2012.

Question: Will Holland Clinic and Dr. Holland Prescribe Qnexa?

Question: How Much Will Qnexa Cost?

Answer: A lot. The price is up to the manufacturer, but given that Vivus has spent hundres of millions trying to get Qnexa approved, the drug will be VERY expensive. My guess is that Qnexa will cost more than $200 per month.

Question: Is Qnexa a Huge Breakthrough in Weight Loss Drugs?

Answer: No. Read why Qnexa is rather dissapointing.

Question: If Phentermine and Topiramate are Both Available as Low-Cost Generic Medications, Why Would Anyone Pay Hundreds for Qnexa?

Answer: They won't, but insurance companies might if a patient is morbidly obese.