Qsymia Information

Phentermine/Topiramate (Qnexa AKA Qsymia) is Approved by FDA

April 17, 2012-Washington DC: As expected the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today approved Vivus Pharmaceutical's proprietary combination of Phentermine and Topiramate for the treatment of obesity. This follows the much more surprising approval of Belviq (Lorcaserin) several weeks earlier and clearly heralds a "sea-change" in FDA's attitude towards the medical treatment of obesity. Many experts now predict that over the next several years, FDA will approve several more new weight loss drugs.

Is this good news for overweight Americans?

The answers are not simple. Especially not in regards to Qsymia. This special section of my website is devoted to the subject Qsymia in particular. As you will see, Qsymia is not really a "new" drug at all. It is a combination of two older drugs that each, in its own unique manner, helps cause weight loss (among other effects). 

Since the news coming out of Washington and from Vivus is changing fast, I will keep editing and revising these postings as the story progresses. For today, Tuesday, July 17, 2012, this much is certain: Qnexa has been approved and Qnexa has been re-named Qsymia.

Qnexa is Now Qsymia:

For reasons that are unclear, Vivus has renamed Qnexa as "Qsymia". I can only speculate as to why they renamed the drug, but my best guess is that they felt the name "Qnexa" had received some bad press. 

What is QSymia: (phentermine-topiramate)?

Qsymia is the trade name for a new weight control medication that was just approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration  on July 17, 2012.  Qsymia is a combination medication containing BOTH phentermine (an approved weight loss medication) and topiramate (Topamax) (an approved anti-seizure, anti-migraine drug) together in a single dose.

The idea behind the combination is that phentermine causes weight loss through one particular mechanism while topiramate causes it through an entirely different one such that the combination should be more effective than either drug is alone.

In this section of my website, we'll explore all the details of Qsymia and help you understand what is good (and bad) about Qsymia for weight loss.

Availability of Qsymia

Qsymia is now available in the United States.

Each ingredient, phentermine and topiramate in Qsymia is currently available but as separate rather than combined medications. This means that in reality the combination of phentermine and topiramate has been used either accidentally, coincidentally or deliberately (through "of-label" prescription). The New York Times has a good article on this practice.