FAQs about Our Medical Weight Loss Clinic

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Frequently Asked Questions

about our medical weight loss program...

Question: How much does your weight loss program cost?

  1. Our charge for new patients is $199 which includes 
    1. your first visit with and evaluation by doctor Holland, 
    2. our standard laboratory health and obesity screen and 
    3. a 28-day supply of prescription weight control medication
    4. a 28-day supply of
            • Multi-vitamins
            • Chromium picolinate
            • Vitamin B-12 tablets
  2. The new patient charge is all-inclusive. There are no extra charges for the services and products described above.
  3. Returning patients are charged as follows:
    1. $49 per 4-week program fee
    2. Variable fee for prescription weight control medications. The charge for prescription weight control medications is based on the type, dosage and amount of medication ordered for you by doctor Holland. Generally the charge for medications can be as low as $14 per-28 days or as high as $70 per-28 days.

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Question: Are there any hidden or extra charges?

Answer: New Mexico and Albuquerque gross receipts taxes are the only extra charges added to the ones listed above.

Question: Can you guarantee that Dr. Holland will prescribe weight loss medication to me?

Answer: Absolutely not. Prescription weight loss medications can and will only be dispensed to patients who have a medical need for the medications and then only when the patient has no medical conditions that make the use of such medications unsafe. Our prescribing policies are covered elsewhere in great detail.

Question: Will I be charged if I see Dr. Holland and he determines that I cannot take prescription weight loss medications?

Answer: No. We won't charge you for a service we cannot render. We try however to screen people BEFORE they see Dr. Holland in order to avoid wasting your time and his.

Question: Do you offer any other options for people who cannot take or prefer not to take prescription medications?

Answer: We are currently negotiating with an international medical foods company to offer some patients the option of a medically supervised modified protein sparing fast. However, we do not currently offer such a program.

Question: What else do you do besides prescribe medication for weight loss?

Answer: At your first visit Dr. Holland will give you a 90 minute lecture on nutrition and exercise. You will be provided with written material to emphasize the key points. You will have free online access to all of our teaching tools. Dr. Holland's book is available free online. At each followup visit Dr. Holland will review your progress and make guided suggestions about eating and exercise.

Question: Why don't you list online the exact prices you charge for prescription medications?

Answer: Because this is a medical practice and Dr. Holland will only make prescribing decisions for you on the basis of your personal and specific health and medical status. We do not want to create the impression that people can simply pick and choose prescription medications. That is not at all what our program is about. Rest assured that as a patient you will be fully informed of pricing.

Question: Do you guarantee results?

Answer: Do you guarantee you'll eat right and exercise? No, we do NOT guarantee results. Dr. Holland practices medicine not miracles. Weight loss requires hard work over a long time. Dr. Holland tries to help by giving patients the tools to eat right and exercise and like all tools, they make the job easier but it still takes work. 

Question: Are prescription appetite medications safe?

Answer: Like all drugs they have risks, but the risks are very low. Meanwhile the risks to one's health of obesity are enormous. In the end, the question is this: is the likely benefit of taking a medication significantly greater than the likely risk? Dr. Holland will only prescribe weight loss medication when the answer is "yes". 

Question: How long do visits take?

Answer: Your first visit will take at least two hours. After that it varies from ten to thirty minutes although, like any doctor's office, sometimes we hit snags that cause a longer delay. 

Question What forms of payment do you accept?

Answer: Cash, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and debit cards.

Question: Do you offer financing?

Answer: No. We try to keep our prices low but frankly, a doctor has no business being a loan-shark to his patients. We're here to help you not hound you.

Question: What happens if I can't pay?

Answer: If it happens on the first visit we won't be able to take you as a patient. If an established patient falls on hard times, well then, we are human beings and will generally try to work with that person but that is very personal and depends on the circumstances. We are a business too.

Question: Do you offer free in-office consultations?

Answer: No. But you are welcome to ask questions by email or phone.

Question: Do you take insurance?

Answer: No because insurance generally won't cover weight loss. We are happy to help you file a claim on your own behalf however but we expect payment at the time we render service.

Question: Will my FLEX plan reimburse for weight loss?

Answer: Generally, yes.

Question: Do you enjoy rude and overly-demanding people?

Answer: No, but our competitors do. You may wish to talk to them.

Question: Are you guys always so irreverent?

Answer: We try. Seriously, we are a small locally-owned doctor's office. We try to have fun and we expect you to do the same. 

Final Question: What's with that stupid frog?

Answer: Do you mean THIS stupid frog?