Transition phase maintenance

This is when patients transition over from active weight loss while taking prescription appetite suppressants to either continued active weight loss (if they have not yet reached their goal-weight) or to weight stabilization. In any case the term "transition" here is meant to refer to the cessation of use of appetite medications.

Stopping Appetite Medications: 

Because prescription appetite suppressing medications like phentermine or phendimetrazine really do help, stopping them removes that help and poses a challenge for patients.


I never recommend abruptly stopping appetite medications. Usually I allow patients to taper the dosage down over one or several months. This makes the transition much easier

Exercise is the Key

Exercise is the key to weight maintenance. This is true no matter how people have lost the weight. It is true for my patients as well. As I often state it: if I can help you lose and you can keep exercising, then this will work in the long-term.