Our Medical Practice is 100% Weight Loss Our Weight Loss Program is 100% Medical

Mark John Holland MD
elcome to Holland Clinic in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I am Dr. Mark Holland and this is the website for my medical weight loss clinic which is, simply, my life's work. I have spent over twenty years helping people lose weight in Albuquerque starting in July, 1991. During that time I have had the privilege of helping over 15,000 people.  Healthcare has changed a lot since those days but I have managed to stay an independent solo physician who still works for nobody other than his patients.

I love what I do and I take it very seriously. There is still no cure for obesity but there is real medical help. Obesity is rapidly becoming a treatable medical condition and that is what my work and my office and this website is all about: the medical treatment of obesity. These are exciting and hopeful times. 2012 will see the first new medication for weight loss in 13 years and the years after that promise even greater breakthroughs. Our understanding of nutrition, metabolism, appetite, genetics and exercise physiology is becoming truly sophisticated and the scientific discoveries are literally pouring-in from around the world every day. It's a daunting task to keep up with the science of weight loss but I could not do my job well or in good faith if I didn't rise to challenge and so I do. And part of that is reflected here. This website is intended to be both a rich resource for my patients and a portal for the public to the very latest scientific discoveries in obesity. This website is also intended to be something a little new to most people: it is designed to be an extension of my medical weight loss practice, to be another way for me to offer better and more timely care to my patients. The internet has changed the world and it is going to change healthcare very soon. I am determined to make that happen in a good way for my patients. 

Finally, a little humility is also called for.  We understand much about obesity and weight loss, but we are ignorant of far more. The way forward runs through a dark forest at midnight and woe unto me or any of us that we should grow arrogant or come to believe that we know all of the truth. Science is not perfection, it's just a flickering candle against the darkness and at best it lights the way  forward only dimly. None of us can find our way without others, without each other. Medicine is a partnership and a team effort forged between physicians and patients and each has much to learn from the other, but if we all do our best, and you have my word that I shall, then together, we can achieve something great. Together, we can help you live a better and longer life and for that we all are richer.

Our Albuquerque Medical Weight Loss Program

  • 100% Medical:
    • We are a medical practice and not simply a weight-loss clinic and we have the expertise needed to properly diagnose and appropriately treat each person for whom we care. This treatment may include the use of FDA-approved prescription weight-loss medications.
  • 100% Weight Loss:
    • Weight loss is not a sideline to our medical practice; it IS our medical practice, 100% of it.
  • 20 Years of Experience in Albuquerque:
    •  Dr. Holland has been helping people lose weight right here in Albuquerque, New Mexico since 1991 and during that time he has treated over 12,000 patients.
  • Integrity and Trust: 
    • We have been here for twenty years because of our reputation which was and continues to be earned one patient at a time through the careful and compassionate practice of good medicine.
  • Very Fair Prices:
    • Check them out here.
  • Latest Up-to-Date Medicine and Science: 
    • Dr. Holland practices "evidence-based medicine" meaning that the weight loss treatment he provides patients is based upon peer-reviewed scientifically controlled medical research as published in major medical journals.