Many people cringe at the idea of using medication to help control obesity. They may remember the abuse of amphetamines that occurred in the 1950's and 60's, or they may simply feel that it is somehow not "right." Perhaps they feel that overweight people should "stop looking for an easy way out."

Whatever the arguments against using medications, this much is clear: they can help and they generally are quite safe. If, as I have argued elsewhere in this website, obesity truly is a medical problem, and if we treat all other medical problems with medication when appropriate, then it is difficult to dismiss the idea of appropriate medications for the treatment of obesity.

Most of our weight loss patients opt to use prescription weight control medicines to help them. The use of such medications is an integral part of our program and Dr. Holland is an expert in this field.

To the right you can read short synopses of some of the medications that Dr. Holland may prescribe or, again, you can follow links within to reach more detailed information.

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