Patient Privacy Online

The greatest concern surrounding the transmission of your health information over the internet is privacy.
Before discussing the steps we have taken to secure your data online, consider the security (or lack thereof) involved in more old-fashioned communications, particularly telephone calls. Physical telephone land-lines can be tapped by anyone with a pair of wire strippers. Generally however, we all assume that phone calls are reasonably secure and very few of us hesitate to disclose sensitive information via telephone. Given that this is true, we can safely say that with the measures we have taken to protect your health information online, the internet is more secure than your telephone. 

Here are the steps we have taken to ensure that all your online communications are protected:
Skype Voice, Video and Instant Message 128 bit encryption
Google Postini Services email encryption: This allows us to send to you fully encrypted emails.
Text Messaging: Although cellular telephone text messages don't usually run through the internet, they are so commonly used by people today that they deserve mention. Like a regular telephone conversation, text messages generally CAN be intercepted. In this sense they are no more or less secure than any telephone call.