Features of Internet-Based Care

Features of Our Online Telemedical Option

Optional: If you prefer to visit with us face-to-face as you always have you certainly are encouraged to do so. We are not changing our office hours or any other aspects of our practice.

Not For Everybody: Some of you have medical needs that are best served by continuing to us personally.

Not for Anyone All the Time: Every patient of our practice needs to visit with Dr. Holland personally at the time of his or her first visit and at least annually thereafter. We cannot provide medical care over the internet to people who have not yet been evaluated by a physical in-office visit with Dr. Holland.

Mailing of Prescription Medications and Supplements: For patients enrolled in online care, we will mail to them any medications prescribed by Dr. Holland and generally such mail will reach you no later than seven days after your online visit. It is therefore critical that you online visits are timed at least seven days BEFORE you run out of prescription medication.