Internet-Based Care Options

Telemedicine or the practice of medicine from afar, usually over the internet, is growing by leaps and bounds around the world, in the United States and right here in New Mexico. Several studies have shown that many chronic illnesses like hypertension and diabetes are actually better managed when patients have the convenience of interacting with doctors remotely, on their schedule and without the hassles of having to keep physical appointments.

Obesity is a chronic illness. I believe that the time has come to offer my patients the option of internet-based care for their weight. This option is not an absolute substitute for face-to-face office visits and we will continue to operate this office exactly as we always have for patients who need or prefer to see us personally. What is new is that some of you will need to visit our office far less often than before.

We will be phasing this system into our practice starting February 1, 2012. Initially we expect fairly low demand which give us time to perfect the process. If you are interested in the option of online medical care with us please feel free to discuss it with us at any time in person. Also Dr. Holland values your input via email and you may contact via email at any time at