Laboratory Testing for Our Weight Loss Clinic

Dr. Holland orders a specific battery of very standard blood tests for new patients unless they have brought with them copies of such test results performed in the three months prior to their visit.

Blood drawing is performed by SED Medical Laboratories our clinical laboratory. Patients are given paperwork to present to the lab and are free to use any of SED's many local facilities at any open time.

The following are among the standard tests ordered by Dr. Holland: The SED test codes are highlighted in red.

    Test Code: 3115
    Assay schedule: Daily
    CPT code(s): 80053

    Panel Components: Albumin, Albumin/Globulin, Alkaline Phosphatase, ALT, Anion Gap, AST,
    Bilirubin-Total, Blood Urea Nitrogen, Calcium, Carbon Dioxide, Chloride, Creatinine, eGFR,
    Globulin, Glucose, Potassium, Protein-Total, Sodium

    Test Code: 2700
    Assay schedule: Daily
    CPT code(s): 85025

    Components: WBC, RBC, Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, RBC Indices (MCV, MCH, MCHC), RDW,
    Platelet Count, WBC Diff.

    Lipid Panel

    Components: Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol, Triglycerides

    Less commonly, other testing is ordered based upon a patient's health.

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