Your First Visit

Your First Visit to Holland Clinic's Medical Weight Loss Program

Your first visit to Holland Clinic starts with a group discussion
Group-Based First Visits

  • Before we see you in the office, Dr. Holland will have reviewed your submitted medical and weight history
  • When you arrive at our office you will join with about five to ten other new patients in our group conference room. Dr. Holland and his staff will begin the group session with introductions followed by a roundtable discussion about diet, exercise and medical weight loss techniques. Our diet and exercise programs are not complicated, but they are rather different than many popular diets and the time we spend with you will help you start to understand that long-term healthy weight loss really IS possible. You will be given extensive printed literature describing our diet and our program. The group generally will last about ninety minutes and the structure is very informal and friendly. 
  • Using a group approach, Dr. Holland will be able to give you far more time than he could one-to-one and the whole process becomes much more fun and educational. Furthermore, research shows that group weight loss is generally more effective than one-on-one.

  • At the start or end of the group session our paramedical staff will briefly weigh you and check your vital signs. Dr. Holland will perform a brief clothes-on physical examination and, in consultation with you, prepare your weight loss treatment plan. The plan will include diet and exercise prescriptions
  • At the conclusion of your first visit, based upon his treatment plan, Dr. Holland dispense to you one or several weight-loss medications.

Why a Group Visit is Better:

  1. Because Dr. Holland can spend MUCH more time teaching.
  2. Because it's more fun.
  3. Because interacting with other patients is genuinley therapeutic. We are all people who are more or less in "the same boat"
  4. Because you might even make a friend or two.
  5. Because having a "buddy" or partner in weight loss improves success.

Privacy in Group Sessions:

Obviously a group session is less private than an individual visit, but please understand that there are certain rules that we meticulously follow to protect you. These rules include:
  1. We will NEVER disclose to the any information about your health. For example, if you have diabetes, we will never bring it up in the group. You are of course totally free to self-disclose to the group any information you deem appropriate but our lips are sealed.
  2. We will never "put you on the spot" by singling you out in any way. For example, Dr. Holland may ask the group a question but he will never point to you individually. Again, we make every attempt to create a friendly relaxed atmosphere of mutual support.
  3. Discussions about other patients. Our staff will never engage in a discussion about you or any group members unless you are present and wish it. There is NEVER any "talking behind your back".

Group Rules:

  1. Non-patients are never allowed to participate in group weight loss sessions. Everybody in your first group is in the same boat as you are and nobody is judging anyone.
  2. In keeping with the first rule, we cannot allow children in "first group" sessions.
  3. Groups start promptly at their appointed times and if you are late we will have to reschedule you.

Special Groups

In order to improve patient comfort, from time to time we will offer "special" groups designed to cater to the more specific health and weight loss issues that some of you may have. Here are some of the special groups that we will offer:

  • Male groups: about 20% of our patients are men. Sometimes they end-up being the only male in a new patient group. To minimize the anxiety that some men may feel, we will offer a few groups designed especially for them.
  • Female groups: ditto
  • LGBT Groups: Again, when there is demand, we will offer groups for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender patients.
  • Other focused groups if and when the demand exists.
PLEASE, PLEASE understand that by offering these special groups we do NOT in any way wish to imply that you are not welcome to join any group at any time: you ARE!

Private Visits With Dr. Holland

Some new patients prefer private visits. We DO offer these, but they are significantly more expensive. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

In-Office Dispensing

We are a "dispensing physician's office" licensed by the New Mexico State Board of Pharmacy to dispense weight loss medications to patients directly from our office and without the need for you to make a separate visit to a pharmacy. Assuming Dr. Holland's medical evaluation determines you are a good candidate for weight loss medication therapy, he will dispense the appropriate medication to you at the end of your first visit before you leave the office.