A Guide to Starting as new Medical Weight Loss Patient

How to Start our 

Albuquerque Medical Weight Loss Program

Getting started is easy. There is only one catch: in order for Dr. Holland to treat you with prescription weight loss medications, you have to be overweight enough that your health is at risk. There are two ways that this can be true:

1: You have a BMI (Body Mass Index) greater than 30

2: Your BMI lies between 25 and 30 AND you have a weight related health condition like type 2 diabetes, hypertension metabolic syndrome or one of several other diagnoses.

So the first step is to check your BMI by using the gadget to the left.

Registering As a New Patient:

You can register online or call us or email us. Since you are here, online registration is probably easiest. 

Getting an Appointment:

We try very hard to schedule new patients within one week. Sometimes however we are so busy that this may not be possible.

Finding Our Office:

You can use this google map to find us.  We are a few blocks South of the Coronado Mall on San Pedro just North of where it crosses Interstate-40 (on the right hand hand side if you are driving south from the mall and at the stop light for Indian School.

Group Weight Loss Course:

We are mving to a long-planned group visit where you and a number of other new patients for a 90 minute teaching session. The atmosphere is VERY relaxed and casual and you are free to ask as many questions as you need.

Medical Evaluation:

After the introductory group visit, you will meet with doctor Holland so that he can review your medical history, perform a brief "clothes-on" physical exam and design a treatment plan for you.

Medication Dispensing:

At the end of the group session and after visiting with Dr. Holland, you will be given any prescription weight loss medications that Dr. Holland has ordered for you and generally scheduled for your first follow-up appointment in about 28 days. The entire first visit should take about two to two and one-half hours.

Followup Visits:

Followup visits are brief, last five to ten minutes. You will see Dr. Holland privately (or if you like in a group) and he will review with you your progress. This is also an oppurtunity for him to make any needed changes to your prescription medications.

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