Counselling and Education for Weight Loss


The evaluation and testing thus far described is used to determine your state of health, the causes of your weight gain and possible strategies for long-term success. After that, it's all about hashing-out a plan of attack for you in the real world and that is, frankly, where Dr. Holland's expertise matters most. 

The end-result should be that you leave the office with some very fresh insights into your own behavior and some very practical and simple strategies for eating and moving that will truly work for you. There isn't any hocus pocus involved, just two decades of transactional skill and a whole lot of scientific reading. Very simply, it is professionalism in the purest meaning of that term, that makes all the difference.

Not to say that we offer miracles, far from it, but very often people can make changes in their lives that seem almost miraculous with the help and guidance of a trusted expert. That is where we hold a clear advantage over nearly every other weight loss program and we certainly hope you will recognize this.
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