History of Holland Clinic's Weight Loss Program


Medical Diet Clinic-Albuquerque

Holland Clinic originally started in July, 1991 as "Medical Diet Clinic" and was located in an 800 square foot office at 2001 Carlisle Boulevard in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Medical Diet Clinic-Hobbs

In April, 1992, Dr. Holland purchased the bariatric medical practice of Dr. William Bruner (who was retiring) in Hobbs, New Mexico. Dr. Holland traveled back and forth between Albuquerque and Hobbs for ten years, but closed the Hobbs office in 2002 out of a desire to stop travelling.

Medical Diet Clinic-Palm Springs, California

In 1995, Dr. Holland opened a third office in Palm Springs, California. The office was only open a few months before logistical difficulties forced its closure.

Thin Spot Inc.

In 1999, Dr. Holland incorporated his medical practice and changed the name from Medical Diet Clinic to "Thin Spot Inc."

Holland Clinic

In 2010 Dr. Holland changed the "DBA" name of "Thin Spot" to "Holland Clinic", largely because of the hope and belief that the new name would give his practice a more personal identity.

Staff History:

Dr. Holland has always believed in hiring and retaining the very best people to represent his practice. He is very proud of the fact that he has been able to retain staff for years and decades.