Diet Prescription

The challenge in designing a weight loss diet is not just how to reduce caloric input. That is trivial. All low calorie diets accomplish this but with the intolerable side effects of  severe hunger and metabolic adaptation. Rather, the trick is to design a diet that uses our understanding of how hunger and metabolism are regulated to accomplish net caloric reduction while allowing a person to live a comfortable and normal life. Basically we want to "trick" the human body into down-regulating the so called "body weight 'set point'".

This is easier said than done, but a slew of recent studies suggest a few techniques (low glycemic index, high protein, frequent eating). That's the science of diet prescription.

The art of designing a weight loss diet involves using these principles and making them work for you in your life in the real world. That means designing meal plans but more important, giving you the tools do figure out how to make choices on the fly. This is what we do at Holland Clinic.