About Holland Clinic's Medical Weight Loss Program

Holland Clinic is an Albuquerque Medical Weight Loss Clinic

Albuquerque Medical Weight Loss Program
olland Clinic is an Albuquerque, New Mexico based medical practice that specializes exclusively in Bariatrics (medical weight control). As medical director and staff physician, I (Mark Holland MD) have practiced bariatric medicine in Albuquerque since 1991 and has treated thousands of patients during that time.

I use only "evidence-based" care for my patients. This means that my care is based upon the latest scientific evidence as published in peer-reviewed major bio-medical literature and not upon mere theory, ideology or tradition. When new studies clearly demonstrate a better approach to weight control, I have always and will ever continue to modify the advice and therapy I offer my patients.

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Finally: here are some words that I wrote twenty years ago as a young doctor :

"On my first day of medical school, the whole class received a lecture from the dean. He began by telling us that we were about to embark on a great journey of learning that would forever change the way we see the world.

But he also warned us that "half of what we are going to teach you will one day be proven wrong." As the laughter subsided, he added: "the worst part of it is that we have no idea which half."

I face the same problem in trying to write meaningfully about obesity and weight control. As a medical specialty, Bariatrics (medical weight control) is still in its infancy. Serious quality research into the subject is relatively new. Half of what is in this book may one day be proven wrong also.

Despite this, good things are happening. Obesity research is finally moving ahead full steam in this country and in Europe. After decades of inattention, the federal government, drug companies and some of the nation’s best scientists are now bringing their considerable talents to bear on learning more about this illness and its treatments. This is a time of incredible change and excitement.

I believe that within my lifetime, obesity will likely become a treatable, perhaps even curable illness. This will come about because of the insights medical research is giving us today.

One of my goals in writing this book (website) is to keep my patients and other interested readers abreast of all these remarkable changes. Unfortunately, this is not easy. I began writing this book (website) two years ago, and since then, I have had to re-write entire chapters in order to accommodate huge changes in the field.

You the reader of this book shall have two responsibilities. First, to update it when needed (we will give you the updates) and second to heed the words of my old dean.

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